About Wilbraham Soccer Club

About The Wilbraham Soccer Club


The Wilbraham Soccer Club (WSC) represents the best in youth soccer for 7 through 14 year old youth in Wilbraham, Hampden or those who are school choice students in the HWRSD. Our U8 through U14 teams play in the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League (PVJSL).

For more information about the WSC, please read on. If you have more questions, please drop us a line by using the “contact us” section of the web site.


The Wilbraham Soccer Club is organized as a Massachusetts Not for Profit Corporation. The Club was organized to:
a) Promote and develop a youth soccer program for the Town of Wilbraham and Hampden.
b) Educate both youth participants and their parents in the sport of soccer, promoting public awareness and support for the sport.
c) Participate and be affiliated with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and such other associations and programs necessary to promote the growth and development of youth soccer, and,
d) Recruit and train coaches and other support personnel and to participate and/or sponsor soccer tournaments.


Mission Statement
The Wilbraham Soccer Club will develop the soccer players of the future in a strong nurturing soccer environment that constantly encourages good sportsmanship and development of the youth as a responsible member of society.
To achieve this mission the club will strive to develop the best coaches, training regiments, volunteer network and organization; all targeted at the overriding goal of “Doing whatÌs best for the youth of Wilbraham”.


Board of Directors
Club activities are administered by a 11 member Board of Directors, with elections annually. The Board has the responsibility of conducting the activities of the club and charting the long term direction and plans. Recognizing the club reliance on volunteers, the Board has delegated responsibility for individual team activities to coaches and managers and has empowered the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Chairs to act on behalf of the club in accomplishing our club goals. Financial decisions require Board approval.


Club Finances
The financial records of the Wilbraham Soccer Club are maintained by the club treasurer and reported monthly to the Board of Directors. An audit committee has been named to review the club finances annually. To date, the club has not borrowed money to fund club activities or the field development project.
WSC Players and coaches are covered by MYSA insurance. In addition, the club is in the process of obtaining appropriate insurance coverage relating to the new soccer complex.


Annual Meeting
The Wilbraham Soccer Club annual meeting is held in conjunction with the June club meeting (tentatively scheduled for the first Monday in June). All interested parties are invited. The annual meeting normally consists of committee reports, a full financial report and election of directors.
Anyone wishing to add topics to the agenda for the annual meeting may do so by contacting the club president.


Coach Selection & Training
The club endeavors to select and maintain a strong group of dedicated coaches who have a keen interest in meeting the goal of developing players in a very soccer friendly environment. Coaches are appointed by the Board of Directors for one-year terms and renewed at the will of the Board. New coaches receive a one-season introductory appointment subject to review by the Board.
The WSC strongly advocates the continuing development of our coaching staff. Accordingly, the club has appointed a Director of Coaching Development who is responsible for working with the coaches and increasing their knowledge and skills. The Club continues to promote coach advanced training and certification opportunities.
Any individuals interested in coaching, being a team manager or helping in any way should contact the President to begin the process of review and appointment.


Soccer Fields
The WSC is very grateful to have an effective partnership with the town and school district. This partnership has enabled us to effectively use town and school district facilities/fields while we are developing our soccer complex.
The WSC expects that this effective partnership will continue well beyond completion of the field complex, enabling effective field rotation/resting and future development efforts.
The WSC requires each team to apply for a field assignment prior to using any field for practices. Fields are normally assigned in age priority so as teams build seniority in the club they have first dibs on practice fields and times. The field permit process is critical to ensure that the appropriate insurance is in place covering players, coaches.


Team Composition
WSC teams are formed annually through our evaluation/tryout process held each spring. Players are required to commit to playing the fall and spring seasons as part of this process. Please refer to the Code of Responsibility and Club Operating Rules for further discussion of team structure and player responsibilities.
The evaluation process is completed with the help of independent evaluators and with the goal of giving each individual an opportunity to make their mark over a two-day period. Each year the evaluation process is a difficult one with very minor differences separating players. The development of soccer skills or growth of an athlete cannot be plotted linearly each individual develops at a different rate. For that reason, we encourage all players to continue to play soccer at the highest levels they can. The “star players” at 10 years of age donÌt necessarily develop into high school players (Michael Jordan was cut from his 9th grade basketball team). The key is to keep playing and developing÷at all levels.
From time to time, questions arise about the composition of teams when there are multiple teams in an age bracket. These questions usually arise in the U-9 or U-10 age brackets and are commonly centered on whether the WSC should field one stronger and one weaker team or two balanced teams in an age bracket. The policy of the club will be to field the strongest team possible in each age division and then additional teams when possible, with the overall goal of doing our best to insure that every player has a place to play. Under this policy, the most developed players will be on the roster of the first team, with the next group on team 2 and so on. The tiered structure of the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League provides opportunities for each squad to find its own competitive level over the years through the reshuffling that occurs in PVJSL after each season.
No player will be guaranteed a position on an individual squad from year to year. Because of the differing rates of skill development and physical maturation in youth, it is not unusual for a player who is initially on the 2nd or 3rd squad in an age bracket to move up to the 1st squad as he/she develops. The tryout process, with an independent evaluator at each age bracket, is intended to provide this opportunity to players.


Team Responsibilities
Under the umbrella of the Board of Directors, each team is a self-directed entity and intended to operate as an effective partnership between the coaches, team manager, parents and players. The club encourages individual initiative by teams that work toward the overall goals of the WSC.
The WSC firmly believes that player development is all about playing soccer and getting as many “touches of the ball” as possible. Accordingly, we encourage teams and players to challenge themselves to the fullest extent possible through tournaments, premier league participation, etc. However, we do require that each team uphold the good name and standing of the club by living up to our responsibilities to the PVJSL by playing all our scheduled games.


Club Long-Term Goals
The WSC long-term goals include initial completion, then continual improvement to the soccer complex, a stronger tournament presence and building larger participation in club activities and governance. The club has seen substantial growth over the years and a continual upgrade in player skills and coaching. The WSC wants to continue to increase its presence as a force in Wilbraham and the PVJSL.
And, most importantly, itÌs all about having fun and player development. We need to keep in focus that this is very competitive soccer, but they are kids and need to be having FUN.


Contacting the Club
Anyone can contact the WSC about any issue by calling the President, one of the officers or a director, contacting the webmaster or attending any club meeting. The Board appreciates any feedback, positive or negative, from interested parties. Candid constructive feedback is key to our continual improvement.


Club Activities & Committees
The Wilbraham Soccer Club is wholly reliant on volunteer labor to complete its mission. We have been very lucky to have a dedicated core group of volunteers who have carried the club over the years. The Club has established a Committee Structure and additional volunteers are needed and welcome to help in any of these activities.


We desperately need “new blood” in our volunteer ranks. This is a great opportunity to have an active involvement in your child’s development and really make a difference for Wilbraham.