Frequently Asked Questions

The Wilbraham Soccer Club is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization formed to promote soccer and field teams from Wilbraham in the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League (PVJSL). The Club fields teams in the fall and spring seasons and provides fields for the High School teams to play in the Pioneer Valley Summer League. With 25 teams and over 350 players each season (spring and fall), the WSC is the second largest club in the PVJSL and the largest single sports program in Wilbraham. More information about the WSC and its structure and policies can be found under the “About Us” section of the WSC web site at The following information is given to provide players and parents with information to help in your decision of whether to play for the WSC.


Is the WSC an exclusive private club?
The WSC is a private club, but only in the sense that it receives no direct funding from the town or state. The express purpose of the WSC is to promote soccer in the town of Wilbraham and develop strong soccer players and responsible members of the community. Registration for WSC teams is open to Wilbraham, Hamden and HWRSD school choice students. The WSC operates under the umbrella of the Mass Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and U.S. Youth Soccer Association.


How does this compete with or compliment the soccer program offered by the recreation department?
The programs are highly compatible. The WSC teams start at U9 (comprised of 7 & 8 year olds), with many of those players being graduates from the recreational 5-7 year old programs. The rec soccer program offers a good local opportunity for those players who wish to play soccer in the fall only and in a less competitive environment with no travel. Together, we comprise a very vibrant soccer program in Wilbraham, providing an opportunity for every child to play.


Do Players Need to Participate in a Tryout for a team?
Yes. Each year the WSC has multiple day evaluations for each team. The evaluations are designed to sort the players into their age, sex and skill groups. Evaluations are conducted by the WSC with independent evaluators at each level. The players are put through a series of skill assessments. In the end, the WSC does our best to find a team for all players. Where that is not possible because of league team size limits, we will either seek to work with those interested to find additional players to form an additional team or will attempt to place a player with another neighboring club. During our evaluation process we work hard to arrive at an honest, independent evaluation of each player. Most of the time we get it right, sometimes we don’t. Each year we work to make the process a better one.


Are players grandfathered on team from previous years?
No. Each year all players are re-evaluated. It is not unusual to have movement between the levels of teams as children develop at differing rates.


What type of instruction will the players receive?
The WSC spends a lot of time on coach selection and training. All our head coaches are licensed. We also recognize that we can continually improve this process. You can expect a player to receive solid soccer training in a nurturing environment÷all within a very competitive soccer league. Virtually all the players on the Minnechaug Varsity Soccer Teams played for the WSC.


Is the travel or time commitment too much?
Each team can expect to have 12 to 14 games and have half of them away. Most of the games are in neighboring communities with the outliers being Gateway Regional (Huntington) and Amherst. Teams normally have 2 games per week (usually one during the week and one on weekends) and 1 to 2 practices per week. The WSC requires a commitment to both the fall and spring seasons.


Where are games/practices?
Home games are normally at the new Wilbraham Soccer Complex on Stony Hill Road next to the Wilbraham Middle School. That complex was built by volunteer funding and manpower, working in a close partnership with the Town of Wilbraham. The new soccer complex is considered on e of the finest in Western Massachusetts. Practices slots for teams are spread among a number of different fields around Wilbraham.


What’s the cost?
Players are charged $110 per season and uniforms are provided by the WSC.  New uniforms are issued to every club participant on a 3 year WSC cycle.  The uniform cycle is associated with when the WSC last issued full uniform replacements and NOT how long a player has played for the club.  Uniforms are expected to last up to 6 seasons (3 years) before WSC replaces them. If a new uniform is required prior to new uniforms being issued by the WSC, then they must be paid for by you.  The uniform cost is approximately $60. Players are expected to provide their own cleats and protective equipment (such as shin guards, mouth guards, head gear, etc.).  Financial assistance is available if needed through the WSC. No player will be left out because of finances.

Refunds BEFORE teams are declared
If a player withdraws their registration prior to teams being declared for the season, the Club will refund the registration fee paid less a $25 processing fee to cover costs the Club has incurred.

Refunds AFTER teams are declared

If a player withdraws their registration after teams are declared for the season, the Club will refund one half of the registration fee in order for the Club to cover costs the Club has incurred.


Is there an opportunity to get involved with the club?
Yes. The opportunities to volunteer as coaches, team managers, snack shack workers, field maintenance, governance or many other areas are numerous. Volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization and are necessary for our continued survival and excellence.


What else should you know?
Soccer is ON THE RISE in Wilbraham join in!