Performance Bond

The Wilbraham Soccer Club (WSC) strives to provide a competitive, challenging and affordable travel soccer program for the community. In order to do that and keep our costs down, we need to implement a performance bond. We have found that the same parents volunteer over and over, and in order to keep the program vibrant, we need to spread the load either through increased volunteer participation or paid services. Therefore, in addition to registration fees the WSC is requiring $50.00 per family or 2 hours of work for the program.


We want to be clear: we don’t want your money; we want your participation! When you register on-line you will be asked to pay a $50 volunteer bond.  By volunteering 2 hours of time, in any of the possible capacities below, from any family member you will receive your $50 volunteer bond back.  This is not meant to be a hardship or barrier to participation.  No child will be denied access to the soccer program because of this performance bond. However, it is our goal to increase parental involvement in our soccer program. See below for ideas on how to complete your 2 hours of service.

Wilbraham Soccer Club Volunteer Opportunities:
Soccer skills are not necessary to help our children and our Soccer Club! We would like to match volunteers with their interests. Some examples of areas where the club could use your help include the following:

  • Snack Shack – working on game days, stocking, inventory, maintenance of buildings.
  • Springtime field clean-up day – mulching, painting, etc.
  • Trash pick-up after games.
  • Lining fields
  • Coaching or Assistant Coaching.
  • Help with Try Out Nights.
  • Snack Shack coordinator – to assist in scheduling
    adult volunteers to cover the Snack Shack on game days and for special events such as during summer camps and tournaments.
  • Roots Playoff Volunteers.
If you have any special skill/hobby/interest that could benefit the Club, we would like to leverage your skills in that area. Please let us know! Examples
include: computer skills, organizational skills, special business connections,
If you have a special request, please provide Wilbraham Soccer Club with the following information:
Child(ren) in program:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Interest/skills:How would you like to help the WSC?